“Structure, knowledge, dedication and passion"

Lily is an instructor who has a great attitude and time teaching. She also has the structure, knowledge, dedication and passion so important in learning how to truly and effectively move your body as a soloist or with a partner. I would recommend Lily to anyone who is serious about becoming a legitimate dancer. 


“..Technique and understanding of body movement”

Lily is an enchanting dancer, an amazing woman, and an incredible teacher. She somehow manages to simultaneously impress as she instructs, demonstrating a technique and understanding of body movement that can only be mastered through years of education, study, and execution. She is a strong enough dancer to teach leads, but has an especially empowering relationship with the women she teaches. Lily is skilled, sexy, and smart, and inspires all in her class to be the same - in an environment free of competition or controversy.


I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lily not only lights up the floor when she competes, but brings her gift as an instructor to her students.

— Alina Hanson


“Direct, patient and exception attention to detail.”

"I have always loved Lily’s dancing style and have discovered that her teaching style is equally impressive. I learned more tools and techniques in two of her classes than I have learned in the past six months. She’s direct, patient and has exceptional attention to detail. I recommend her to anyone who would like to take their dancing to the next level."

— A.O.

“We are very lucky to have her in our community.”

I feel very fortunate that met Lily when I started dancing two years ago because I know she prevented me from developing common bad habits as a beginner dance student. Lily’s conditioning classes are an absolute success… she helped us develop core strength, feet flexibility, feet articulation, styling, and many other skills that would had taken me years to figure out on my own. Lily also has a lifetime of ballet background which is so critical to any kind of dance form these days – especially salsa dancing. She does a phenomenal job at bridging the gap between ballet and Latin dance. We are very lucky to have her in our community

— F.R.S


“She inspired me and motivated me to be a better dancer.”

When I met Lily, I immediately noticed her warm, welcoming personality. Then I was impressed by both her grace as a dancer and ability to not just demonstrate how your body should move, but communicate in words what your body should be doing. I've been a dancer for over 20 years, and have come across both talented dancers and amazing instructors. Rarely are both talents of equal measure in an individual, yet Lily seems to have this rare gift. Translating into actionable words the verbal description of movement while also providing a visual demonstration is exactly what Lily does. Dancing on Lily's teams for a year, she inspired and motivated me to be a better dancer and I grew more during that year than I felt I had in previous years combined. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lily not only lights up the dance floor when she competes, but also brings her gift as an instructor to her students.

— A.H.

“She truly cares about teaching and it shows”

"Lily is an amazing dance teacher! She truly cares about teaching and it shows. She makes sure that each and every student really understands the details of the dance, but also that they're having fun while dancing. She has an incredible ability to break steps down in a way that enables people to transform how they dance quickly. Her energy, enthusiasm, and drive are inspiring

— K.M